Manufacturing equipment for the electronic industry

OLAMEF has been producing machines for the processing of electronic componentsfor more than 40 years. OLAMEF offers a complete line of simple and reliable machines for both large and small industries.

Our equipment is known for its affordability, its ability to operate uninterrupted for long periods of time, and the extreme ease of conducting adjustments. Many of our machines can operate for more than 10 years continuously, and all guarantee the highest operational levels. OLAMEF machines are initially sold as manual units, which can be equipped with drive units and automatic feeding systems. These added options increase the quality and the versatility of the machines.

Manufacturing equipment for the electronic industry

OLAMEF is well known for the ability and experience of both its international sales network and its engineers, who work to solve the particular needs related to the production of special equipment for old and new lines. OLAMEF products are able to resolve issues related to the specific needs of processing electronic components.

All the special parts, the equipment used for production, and nearly all of the standard parts are made in-house by OLAMEF’s own machinery and tools: lathes, milling machines, machine centres of C.N. adjustments from internal, external and flat surfaces. This allows for the best planning production possible, the ability to produce urgent work. It allows especially for the creation of custom orders as soon as a request is received from a customer. OLAMEF has a warehouse constantly equipped with spare parts and pre-assembled machines, which allows for the construction of requested models in a very short time.